Welcome! And consider this permission to do things your way.

We’re flooded with noise about the RIGHT way to constantly maximize success, happiness, and health — all the time, always.

But the RIGHT way is whatever way works best for you. End of story.

Here, we'll dig elbows-deep into the thrumming hum of electricity that drives you so we can figure out how you want to show up — and then craft a plan to make it happen.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the last decade, helping them realize that all these limits we’ve set for ourselves are nothing but fluffy lies. 

We are capable of moving mountains, unwedging our worried minds, and changing our worlds. 

It all starts here.

"Kourtney is phenomenal! Her program was transformative.

I had no clue what I was getting into at the beginning. I knew I had checked off all the boxes others/society deem important -- work, home, family -- but felt rudderless. I was looking for my next "thing" but got so much more!

Kourtney led me through some really tough self-discovery. She has a way of coaching from a position of care and compassion. It is truly like talking to a dear friend. The course was well-thought and touched on many facets of life. Although it was emotionally intense and took a lot of work and self-study, I made a number of significant breakthroughs that I would not have experienced on my own."

- Leslie

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Hey, I'm Kourtney, and I'm here to help you find your inner Dolly Parton.

Every time I see Dolly Parton, I smile, and I cry. There is just something so strong and so pure about her, I can’t help but be captivated. And every time I see Dolly, I’m reminded that I’m doing everything right.

It doesn’t particularly matter if you’re a Dolly devotee or not, but I think we can all appreciate a woman who has known exactly who she is for seventy years, and shown up exactly as herself, completely unapologetically, for every one of those years, without fail. And despite a few(-ish) fake parts, there is absolutely nothing fake about Dolly. That’s something exceedingly rare in this world, no matter what generation you may be a part of.

It’s taken me a lot longer than Miss Dolly to find out who I am. And it’s taken even longer to do it on purpose. But now that I know, and now that I do, my life is unquestionably everything I want it to be.

My passion is helping other women to create their own solid sense of self - in body, life, and business.

To support them as they set their own expectations, redefine their rules, and figure out exactly who they are and what matters most to them – and then take action to get it. It’s a heck of a process (I’ve been through it!), but there’s nothing better than knowing you never have to question who you are or what you’re doing, ever again.

Rhinestones or not, we’re here to conquer the world.