Hey friend.

I see you over there killin’ it. Dreaming big, crafting the vision, scratching off the to-do list tasks.

I see you living your life as a super strong woman, empowered and independent and fierce.

I see you checking all the boxes you’re told you should be checking to live your best life.

And I see how much you’re struggling with that one, overwhelming, frustrating, never-really-checked-off box: fitness.

I see you grappling with this one, asking yourself: how is it that I can have everything else handled, and this one thing is so damn hard? Why can’t I get it together?

Why is it that I just can’t seem to figure out fitness and feeling good in my body, for real? I should be able to do this!

I hear you. But most of all, I see how gorgeous and strong and powerful you are physically – and I see how much you struggle to see that for yourself.

Here’s the truth, love:

Your struggle here honestly doesn’t have anything to do with you.

You are not a failure for not being able to stick to a workout plan. You are not a failure for not having the time among the 42 other things and people you need to take care of every single day.

And most importantly, you are not a bad person for living in the body you live in.

The only failure is in the lies we’ve been told our whole lives. The good news is, you don’t have to believe them anymore.

You get to determine your new truth.

Does your old truth look a little like this?

Like, if you've ever...

  • Felt like you should be doing better with fitness
  • Said out loud, “I feel so fat.”
  • Let a number on the scale or the tag on your jeans determine your worth or totally ruin your day
  • Felt guilty about missing a workout or not sticking to a routine
  • Told yourself you were bad for eating anything
  • Looked in the mirror and said nasty things to yourself
  • Started a program and fell off
  • Said to yourself, “if I can just lose X pounds, then…”
  • Compared your body and your journey to someone else’s
  • Felt like you just couldn't find any motivation
  • Sweated your buns off in the dead heat of summer because you couldn’t possibly wear shorts
  • Found yourself looking at body positive Insta accounts and thinking, I wish that could be me
  • Felt like you were doing all the right things you should be doing and you still don’t feel good
  • Felt like you literally have no idea where to even start with fitness
  • Felt shame or guilt around your body, exercise routine, or self-care habits (or lack thereof)
  • Participated in negative self-talk about a body part
  • Felt frustrated and stuck in a cycle that feels like more hurt than help

If even one of those is a yes,

you've come to the right place.

fitness unraveled kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Hey, I'm Kourtney.

I’m a v. confident and successful adult businesswoman. (My LinkedIn profile says so.)

I’m also a recovering ab-checker, scale-monster, fat-avoider, autopilot-exerciser, and negative body-talker.

At times, those two dichotomies (somewhat sadly, #patriarchy) played each other up. At other times, they tore each other down. And at most times, they kept me in a space of inner churning and turmoil so painful, I didn’t know what to do or how to act or where to go, for fear of screwing up and upsetting the delicate balance of my body and life as I knew it.

Because, obviously, I’m supposed to be strong and confident and successful and all that great stuff – and also, I’m supposed to fit some kind of societal expectation of what that looks like physically, which certainly does not come in a package bigger than a size 4.

So I often thought things like, if I gain a size or two, people won’t trust me or my expertise anymore. But holy hell, if I keep dieting, I’m so hungry all the time, I can’t think straight enough to trust my expertise either.

Or maybe, if I had any jiggly bits, my husband wouldn’t find me as attractive anymore, and I really do like to get naked with him. But jeez, this workout program has just gotten intense and my shoulder hurts and I’m tired, and does this mean I should rethink my whole relationship?!? (In my case, absolutely not. But that single negative thought about my body could nonetheless set that stuff off like whoa.)

I mean, let’s be real, the rabbit hole of fitness and body image and everything related to it is endless. It’s awful. In fact, it’s more like a deep, dark, underwater tunnel that ends up leading you to a terrifying, sharp-toothed, electric eel that scares a little pee out of you and then leaves you completely frozen, embarrassed, and confused.

Frozen, in that an abundance of knowledge from a million different sources can actually be the opposite of helpful, so we do nothing with it.

Embarrassed, in that we should have this figured out. We’re grown-ass women who can hold down jobs, take care of humans that came out of our own bodies, help our BFFs through messy divorces, and we can’t even manage to get in a ten-minute workout a couple times a week and what is wrong with me?

Confused, in that none of it makes any damn sense. Everyone else seems to be doing just fine. Everyone else looks amazing. Everyone else is so good. And worse – we used to be too, and why not now?

It was a long time before I hit the bottom of that spiral. Before I saw it for what it was. Before I really took a step back and understood how much my low-level obsession with my body was affecting how I was showing up in life.

Before I stopped to asked myself:

What else could I be doing with all this time and energy I’m wasting thinking about my body all the damn time?

As much as I wanted to believe I was doing a good job of taking care of myself, the harsh reality was that I didn’t even know what that meant. I thought I was liberated and inspired enough to be leading the body confidence charge, disrupting the status quo of the fitness world – and here I was, half-assing it, not even taking my own advice.

And then I finally decided I’d had enough, and y’know what the advice was?

Know who you are, know what matters.

Yeah, I know neither of those things seems like it has much to do with fitness and workouts and #gymtime, but oh my lovely, yes. They have everything to do with it.

FU testimonial

FU testimonial

So you wanna figure out this fitness thing?

Here’s where Fitness Unraveled comes in.

Remember, the problem isn’t you. It’s the twisted tales we’ve been told, and have continued to tell ourselves, for years and years. It’s all the shoulds and all the if onlys. And it’s complicated, yes, but we’re about to uncomplicate it.

Basically, if you’ve ever felt unraveled in a negative way, like out of control, frazzled, even unorganized about your health and fitness – this is the way to flip that definition of unraveled on its head.

It’s time to unravel the fitness BS.

It’s time to break it down to basics, bring it back to your heart, and boost your body confidence through the roof. Tear it down, build it up stronger. And this is the course that’s going to help you get there.

What we're talking about:

  • A proven process to walk you through sorting out all your shoulds
  • A curriculum marrying science and self
  • A decoding and dismantling of the stereotypical fitness BS
  • A permanent permission slip to do what works for you and your body
  • A plan to take everything you learn and make it a reality in your life with near-zero resistance
  • A lasting framework for feel-good fitness and big body confidence you can return to forever

All from a credentialed, certified, experienced coach, with 10+ years in the fitness and mindset coaching industry, who's helped hundreds of clients find their way to joy in movement, body, and soul.
fitness unraveled kourtney thomas fitness life coach

So we’re clear, that’s not to say this is a one-two-step system.

Unloading a lifetime of body image baggage is not a surface level thing. It’s not always going to feel easy or comfortable. It might feel sad a times, it might feel frustrating, possibly heavy – we’ve been carrying a lot. And truthfully? It might feel really hard, even selfish, to focus on yourself and figure out what you actually want in all this. So yeah, you’ll be challenged, but you’ll also be changed.

We’ll walk through a three-phase process and you will come out the other side with a solid understanding of what’s right for you and how to make it happen – all as your unquestionable self, with unshakeable confidence.

You will never again let that number on the scale or those guilty thoughts and feelings keep you from enjoying that party, that vacation, your family – your life.

FU testimonial
FU testimonial


Unraveling means breaking things down into basics, so this is where we take the time to sort through all the layers of BS that have piled onto your sense of self over the years. Safely and gently, I promise. You’ll take a hard look at the squishy bits, the uncomfortable truths of the shoulds you’ve been living by and the expectations you’ve been setting for your body, your fitness, and your fulfillment. Expect to cover topics like:

  • Cultivating awareness
  • Defining strength & health
  • Conditioning & stories
  • Sources of shame & guilt
  • Right & wrong whys for exercise


Unraveling also means rebuilding on top of those basics in a way you can take true ownership of, so this is where we unlearn so we can relearn. And you’re going to do that in a way that works better for you. You’ll take time to use the relearning and define for yourself all your most important meanings and priorities in body and life, unabashedly on your terms. Expect to cover topics like:

  • Determining values
  • Identifying fulfillment & purpose
  • Understanding self-compassion
  • Self-worth & autonomy
  • The good & bad dichotomy of fitness & food


Unraveling, in the end, means untethered freedom to be exactly who you are, healthy and happy in the way that’s right for you, so this is where we bring that woman to life. You’ll take all the ideas and turn them into reality, crafting a plan, building habits, and inviting unshakeable confidence to the table, every day. Expect to cover topics like:

  • Creating and nurturing boundaries
  • Meaningful priorities & productivity
  • Prioritizing with intention
  • Focused action planning
  • Aligned accountability

In case you’re a brass-tacks kind of person, here’s the “what you get in this course” section:

  • 15 modules of thoughtful, well-crafted, progressive content to lead you through the Unraveling process - dripped to you 2 modules at a time so it's never overwhelming
  • A self-paced, no pressure way to take your time with your process
  • 25 guided reflection worksheets you can come back to for life
  • A huge collection of tools - collected, practiced, applied, and proven from my 10+ years in fitness and coaching
  • Optional 1-1 coaching to work through your insights in depth
  • Everything you need to find motivation and finally get out of the self-loathing and stuckness you feel about fitness and your body

fitness unraveled kourtney thomas fitness life coach

Example Curriculum

  Welcome to Fitness Unraveled!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Uncover: The Beginning
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Uncover: The Beginning & Body
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Uncover: The Beginning, Body & Mind.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Uncover: If we could turn back time.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Uncover: Body acceptance barriers.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unlearn: A different look at motivation.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unlearn: What's fitness really all about?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unlearn: What are YOU really all about?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unlearn: What can fitness really be about - for you?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unlearn: Being a little less hard on yourself.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unleash: Prioritizing your FU life.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unleash: The smallest, next, best steps.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unleash: Help in making it happen.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unleash: Making it work in daily life.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Unleash: Living the FU life.
Available in days
days after you enroll

And if you’re a -

That’s great but why would I do this instead of the other thing?

What makes this any different and worth spending my time and money when nothing else has worked?

What am I really going to get?

Kind of person, let me break it down:

  • You would do this because tips and hacks and books and easy-to-follow plans haven’t worked before, and that’s probably a big part of the reason you’re here. What do you have to lose?
  • The difference is that this program is completely you-centric.
  • You being in the driver’s seat is priceless.
  • You are going to get a fully stocked mental toolbox with a wide array of easy-to-use tools to always be able to deal with the ups and downs and challenges to the foundation you’ve built.
  • If fitness is something that matters to you, figuring out how to make it work in a way that matters to you too is going to be the way more impactful than anything else you can try.
  • Letting go of shoulds lets you focus on what really matters most to you, and that will always, always be worth your time and money.
FU testimonial

FU testimonial

I know you’ve sat at the break room lunch table or on the bleachers of your kiddo’s baseball game or stood around the kitchen at your mom’s house talking about how horrible you are for eating that cookie. Or for skipping that workout. And isn’t so-and-so so great because she goes to yoga three times a week and lost all that weight?

You have much bigger things to say in this world, my friend.

That conversation not what health is about, it’s certainly not what fitness is about. And I know it’s not what your big dreams are about.

(Side note: If we’re really honest, that conversation is also not one we want to continue to have with our daughters, is it? Like, what if she wasn’t spending her future cataloging cookie calories? What if the number of the size on her jeans was just a number – and not a reflection of her worth and a perpetual topic of idle conversation leading to an everlasting well of self-doubt?)

So change the conversation. That head trash doesn’t need to be in-your-life trash anymore.

And making that change is the biggest thing – the only thing – that’ll truly, finally, make a difference in creating and living the healthy lifestyle you want for yourself. This program will give you the tools to do it, forever.

Plain and simple – at the end of your Fitness Unraveled course, I guaranteed you will:

  • Figure out what fitness looks like for you - and how to make it happen
  • Feel better in body, mind, and soul - for real
  • Finally come home to your unquestionable self in body and life

And doesn’t that just feel like a relief and an aaaahhhhhhh moment?

This is all at your own pace, so payment can be too. Select whatever works for you


I want to do this, but I'm so busy (and #pandemiclife!). Will this work for me, or will it be too overwhelming?

I feel you, trust. But this will work for you, and it's set up to not be overwhelming. The content modules will be emailed to you just two at a time, once per week. Even with that, there is absolutely zero expectation for a completion time frame. You can take as much time as you need to complete the course, and you have access to everything for life.

OK great, what's the format?

Modules will include several different ways of delivering learning. A big bulk of the work will be done through downloadable self-discovery journaling worksheets. Videos and text "lectures" and topic discussions with follow-up questions are also utilized.

It looks like there are optional books to read as part of the curriculum. What's that about?

Yes, there are two books that can be an excellent supplement for understanding and supporting your implementation of what you'll learn in the Fitness Unraveled course, but they're not required. If you choose to utilize the books, you'll have to purchase them separately from the course.

Is there a fitness program or coaching?

No. The whole point of this program is to release and unlearn the idea that you need to be following a certain fitness program, and to help you explore what possibilities for movement will help you feel best. Resources to match what you find out will be available. Of course, I will be available to provide direction and answer questions too, specifically if you should find that strength training, running, or cycling are part of your right way.

Is there a nutrition program or coaching?

Nope. See above.

Is there 1-1 coaching?

It's available as an additional option, and you'll get info from me on how to set it up if you need it during the course.

What can I really expect from this course?

In a word: transformation. You can expect to be challenged, because this is not your typical approach to fitness. In fact, you might encounter a bit of frustration because it's so different. But you can definitely expect a combination of emotional and mindset ah-has combined with tangible tools to transform your relationship with your body and your fitness choices. Also, a plan to make that happen.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the nature of instant course delivery and specialized, proprietary materials, refunds are not a possibility. However, see the next question if this is on your mind...

Can you guarantee specific results?

No. I mean, really, can anyone? But truthfully, this course is about releasing expectations for specific results and black and white answers to the "problem" of fixing yourself. What people get out of Fitness Unraveled looks a little different for each individual, based on what they put into it. And so I'll say this - if you show up with an open mind and an open heart, a willingness to seek growth, perspective, meaning, and joy for yourself, I can guarantee you'll find your version of it here. Previous participants have said the things they learned in Fitness Unraveled equipped them to better deal with challenges not only in fitness and body image, but in all areas of their lives.

How is this different than any other thing I see on Instagram or whatever? Why should I do this program with you over something similar with someone else?

Well, first of all, every facilitator is a little different, so the fact that I’m your guide is a differentiator in itself. If you find yourself vibing with me, that’s a reason to do this program. Second, my unique Uncover, Unlearn, Unleash framework and approach is different than any other program out there, created and refined over a decade of coaching women. And what I would offer as a big +1 in the “why do this?” category is that in no part of this will I be telling you what to do with your body. All the way through, you’ll be learning how to be more autonomous about your choices. (I don’t know about you, but that always makes it much easier for me to implement them in the long run. I hate it when people tell me what to do ;))

I can’t put my finger on whether this is a fit. Should I do Fitness Unraveled?

I’m absolutely the last person who’s going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. But if you’re feeling stuck in a weight loss loop, like you just cannot seem to figure out your fitness, and like you just don’t feel at home in your body, those are good signs it’s a fit. Other indicators FU might be right for you: you’re fed up with diets and fitness industry BS but don’t know where to go from here, you avoid looking at your body in the mirror, you’re often comparing yourself to others or a past you, you’re all up in your head with a bunch of mental blocks, or you’re feeling generally unmotivated.

More Qs you don't see here?

No worries! Just email me: [email protected] You'll get a response within 48 hours.